Meet the real Bethany Hamilton

Bethany is an excellent fit within the Designer Protein family as she is not only a professional athlete, but a mom, a motivational speaker, a survivor, a fighter + an encourager. She lives an active, healthy lifestyle that focuses on making a positive difference.

“Working with Designer Protein is the perfect fit for my needs and lifestyle. I appreciate the clean ingredients of the company’s products and the variety of protein types and flavors! I understand the importance of a well-balanced diet and am grateful that I get to share this quality product with others.”

Check out the four foundational cornerstones of Bethany’s life:

I am so thankful for the life I lead. Having faith over fear + believing I can gets me through.

I love being a wife + mom. Having everything align with my family is so important.

I am passionate about encouraging people in their daily health + nutrition journey.

I love inspiring others in meeting their fitness goals through core exercises + stretches.

Designed to be fearless

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