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100% Whey-Based
Protein Powders

Whey is a complete protein made from milk that’s easily digestible. Designer Whey® takes it to the next level with our premium 100% natural whey protein – free of artificial growth hormones + antibiotics. Whey helps the body refuel, repair + recover. Try consuming immediately after a workout to feed your body + muscles the protein (plus other nutrients found in Designer Whey®) it needs to feel its best.

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100% Plant-Based
Protein Powders

The majority of Designer Protein’s plant-based proteins, including our Designer Plant, are a combination of non-GMO pea protein + organic sprouted rice protein. This combination of pea + rice provide the key EAAs not typically found in all plant proteins. It helps convert carbs into energy so they won’t be stored as fat. Plant-based proteins give you the nutrients needed to fight free radicals, support immune health, help keep hunger away + assist digestive health.

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100% Whole Egg
Protein Powders

Designer Protein’s Designer Egg is first-to-market in using both egg yolk + egg white protein. It’s a rich source of vitamins B1 + B12 + is packed with BCAAs + EAAs needed for ideal body performance + recovery. Egg protein also contains the phospholipids; phosphatidylcholine + phosphatidylserine, which have been known to help support brain health.

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Keto + Various Sourced
Protein Powders

A blend protein powder is a product that contains more than one type of protein in an effort to provide more nutritional value. Blends offer your body fast-acting, easily absorbed proteins along with slow-release proteins that provide fuel for muscle growth all throughout the day + night. Each of Designer Protein’s blends, such as Designer Keto®, Aria® Protein or Lite Protein®, has a added benefits to help achieve your wellness goals.

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