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Protein Designed For Life

Since 1993, we’ve been on a mission to create sports nutrition & wellness products that not only taste great but have real benefits. We focus on the essentials – naturally delicious and nutritious ingredients that support healthy living, fitness and overall well-being. No matter what your dietary needs or health and fitness goals are, we have a solution that is designed for you.

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Eat Clean, Feel Great

Protein pancakes, protein waffles, and smoothies galore! You don’t have to compromise on taste to enjoy some of your favorite foods with an extra punch of protein or scoop of superfoods. Inspired by our crew’s passion for healthy living (staff and brand ambassadors), our recipes are easy to follow and deliver great-tasting, clean nutrition every time.


Run, Spin, Vinyasa... Repeat

Our community of brand ambassadors inspire us every single day to get out, move, and lead active lives. Whether you’re looking for tips to incorporate more movement into your daily life, practicing to achieve a perfect warrior 2 or TRX burpee, training to achieve a specific goal such as a half marathon, we’ve got you covered with training plans and fitness tips.

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Alone We Can Do So Little. Together, We Can Do So Much.

At Designer Protein, we thrive from surrounding ourselves by inspiring people like our staff and brand ambassadors with a personal goal to live a healthy lifestyle. Get to know the real people behind the brand who inspire each and every one of our products.

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