Totally Egg Berry Smoothie


  • 2 scoops Totally Egg Classic Vanilla
  • 8 oz milk of choice (we used almond milk)
  • ½ cup fresh or frozen blueberries


  1. Add everything to a blender and mix until smooth.
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Vanilla Egg White and Yolk Protein Powder
Vanilla Egg White and Yolk Protein Powder

Totally Egg Protein Powder

Whole Egg Based - Classic Vanilla

24g of natural Egg White and Egg Yolk Protein – the equivalent protein of 3 regular eggs, but 50% fewer calories, 93% less fat and 98% less cholesterol (USDA Food Composition, 2017). Contains Phospholipids, Choline and Serine in egg yolk to help support brain health.


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