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Designer Protein | Monday, July 10th, 2017

We athletes use protein to rebuild and repair muscle after workouts. When we workout we make microscopic tears in our muscle fibers. Protein is made up of amino acids that are are used to fill those gaps in the fibers, building new proteins into the muscle fibers, strengthening them. This amazing macronutrient allows us to come back stronger for the next workout. Protein also is satisfying to eat and can keep us full for extended period of time.

We can typically only absorb and use 30-40 grams of protein at one time, more than that isn’t beneficial. This is equal to 4-5 oz meat or one large chicken breast. The metabolic process of digesting protein actually burns more calories than digesting carbohydrates and fat. Lean protein is the highest quality because it doesn’t come with the extra fat we don’t need. High quality proteins include chicken, fish, eggs, and whey. Plants have protein as well, especially beans, lentils, and nuts. Just make sure to pair different plant proteins together to get all the essential amino acids.

Protein powders are fantastic options post-workout because they digests quickly and are more rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream than a meal. Protein shakes are kickstart the recovery process and supply amino acids to rebuild muscle stronger than before. Try to drink a recovery shake with carbs and protein within 30 minutes of your last exercise to get the most out of your workout.

Superfood Spotlight: Salmon 
Salmon is a fantastic source of high quality protein paired with natural anti-inflammatory Omega-3’s. We use the protein to rebuild our muscle after a workout. The omega-3’s help reduce the inflammation response our body has to intense exercise. This can help us recover quicker and be more prepared to live to the fullest!


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