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Designer Protein | Monday, July 10th, 2017

Being properly hydrated is the easiest way to improve performance and how you feel today! Drinking enough water and getting enough electrolytes can keep you sharp and focused through a long day. Being optimally hydrated will help you in a number of ways. It helps you regulate body heat, improves your ability to recover from tough workouts, and helps prevent injury.

Dehydrated we put ourselves at odds with performing at our highest level, it increases our perceived exertion. This means body will make it feel as though we are working much harder than we actually are. Signs of dehydration are thirst, dry or sticky mouth, trouble focusing, racing heartbeat, and darker urine color. We want to drink enough so that our urine to be clear and copious, but not enough to make us rush to the restroom every half hour.

We hydrate much better with electrolytes included over water alone. A few ways we can get electrolytes are in fruit, vegetables, and sports drinks. It’s important to note that sports drinks such as gatorade should only be used if you are working out for longer than an hour at high intensity. A general guideline for fluid is 8-10 8oz glasses per day, not including what you drink during a workout. If it’s hot outside we’ll need to increase how much we drink.

Superfood Spotlight: Peach
Fruits are amazing foods to eat to help us stay hydrated during hot days. Peaches are especially high in potassium along with bananas. Potassium (K+) is one of the electrolytes that help us hydrate better than water alone. It’s used in the body with sodium in heart and skeletal muscle contraction. Overall the peach is a superfruit with its potential to both hydrate us with water and electrolytes as well as giving us natural energy.


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