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The Sweat Life | Monday, February 13th, 2017


Why do we all continue to eat processed foods, even though we know they are unhealthy?

A couple reasons. One being when you eat processed foods, you crave even MORE processed foods. And honestly, it’s engineered that way. They want you to buy more! There is NO reason to add sugar to a hamburger or to chicken strips — but it feeds on our addiction. Another reason is that we are all part of a go-go-go society, where convenience wins. If you can tear open a package and consume, you do. It’s not always easy to eat fresh. Another big reason is, many simply don’t know any better! We fall victim to false information overload, advertising, and tricky packages that appear healthy but are not. 


What does healthy eating mean? 

Eating healthy means eating real, natural, whole foods and listening to your body. Unprocess your diet — when you eat an unprocessed diet, you are eating healthy. By eating an unprocessed diet you are naturally eating gluten-free, the food you consume is satiating, and in eating that way, you feel better all around. You curb the cravings, kick the bloat, and gain energy.


What exactly does it mean to unprocess our diet & what are the steps?

Food these days has become so altered from its original state. There is literally food on the shelves claiming to be something, and it doesn’t even contain that “something”! Once you start paying attention to the ingredients list you will be shocked at how many additives are in the food readily available to us. To unprocess your diet, eat real, natural, whole foods. Choose the foods that have the least amount of items in the ingredients list, and make sure you can pronounce and define everything you are reading. 


Why is 7 days the magic number to jumpstart this process & how does this translate to sustainable changes in the kitchen?

Good question. 7 days is a short enough amount of time to STICK to something, yet it is a long enough time to actually see and feel initial results. Many people quit things before they really even get started, because the time frame feels too long or they are not seeing results. After 7 days of these great habits, your energy improves, your mood improves, bloat and cravings disappear, and noticeable body changes start to happen. All of these things encourage you to keep going and to make it a lifestyle.


What are your favorite fruits / veggies & favorite way to eat them?

There are too many to choose! Favorite way is RAW veggies. If I cook them, I love to stir-fry them in coconut oil and ghee with a lot of garlic. For fruits, I like them all — cherries and berries are my favorites. 


What satisfies your sweet tooth?

When I stay consistent with natural, unprocessed, real foods, and am getting enough fats and proteins, my sweet cravings are non-existent. If I fall off track, that’s when they’re there! Also, as a female, that PMS time always makes me want sweets. I do have 7 guilt-free desserts in my new recipe book, so those would be the normal go-to. If my PMS is coming on super strong, there is no junk candy off limits. (Just being real!) 


How do you balance cooking healthy food, your company, and your kids & still have time leftover for yourself? 

Healthy eating, staying active, and downtime with my family is the PRIORITY. Everything else comes second. When I lose track of that, everything quickly spirals downhill. Sleep suffers, weight gain happens, stress reaches a new height. Just a few days of that ALWAYS reminds me where my priorities are — which is with my food, activity, and family.