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The Sweat Life | Monday, February 13th, 2017

Does the thought of sitting in meditation make you feel jumpy? You are not alone! Don’t discount a meditative practice though- there are countless ways to meditate in motion, and attain the numerous benefits associated with meditation, such as improved focus, productivity or performance, clarity, stress-reduction, and relaxation.

Here’s a four-step process to moving in meditation:

  1. Select an activity.It can be any activity, such as talking to others, cooking, running, gardening, biking, eating, walking, waiting on-line, driving, writing, or working. 
  2. Resolve to maintain a relaxed focus while performing the activity.Remain receptive but alert. 
  3. Remain open and neutral to whatever arises.Rather than judge or indulge in your thoughts, beliefs, or outer stimuli, which may avert or attract your attention.
  4. When necessary, use discernment, sharper perceptive abilities, or as we yogis like to say,
    ‘wisdom’, while performing the activity.Discernment takes practice, as one must cultivate a neutral perspective (aversions or attractions prohibited) to the information coming in, in order remain focused, and respond with wisdom or discernment, not judgment, praise, or criticism. 

You know you are moving in meditation if time has escaped you or you’ve entered a ‘zone’, or you’ve maximized an aspect of or the experience of your activity. Sometimes, the senses, which are normally withdrawn for meditation, become heightened when you are moving in meditation, making colors, dimensions, sounds, visions, or smells seem more profound or ‘alive’. Move in meditation and increase your ability to flow and vibrate in harmony with yourself, your surroundings, the activity and even aspects of your life. 



Written by Karen Nourizadeh,a meditation guru for Pure Yoga. Karen is a contributor for The Sweat Life- check out her original post here.