Designer Whey® Protein Meal
Sometimes, it's hard to get as much protein in your diet as you'd like, especially on hectic days when you're on the go and time just seems to run away.
New Designer Whey Protein Meal, with 50% of the recommended daily value of protein in every serving, makes it easy to fuel up with a complete, nutritious meal in less than a minute.
Using Designer Whey® Protein Meal
Why Use It

It’s a quick, easy & healthy way to keep hunger away - packed with the protein, complex carbs & healthy fats your body needs

When to Use It

A perfect meal for busy days - for best results, use it to replace a meal during your day, such as breakfast or lunch

How to Use it

All you need is 2 ingredients! Add 2 scoops to 8 oz. liquid of your choice (milk or non-dairy). Shake & enjoy

Available in 2 flavors: vanilla bean & milk chocolate