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Our story

our passion is protein

Protein Designed For Life

passion for designing proteins that make a positive difference in peoples’ lives


Designer Whey was the first commercially available instantized whey protein powder in the early 90’s. We want to make sure that all diets and lifestyles enjoy the health benefits of protein, which is why today we offer a full range of products from whey to plant-based.


Based out of sunny Southern California, we’re a small but mighty team obsessed with bringing the health benefits of protein to everyone. Our team aspires to live a healthy lifestyle from yoga mats to surfboards, and gyms to open trails- we love being well.


Innovation and pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is at the core of Designer Protein. We’ve been designing great protein products for 25 years & we haven’t slowed down since. We’re constantly pushing boundaries to develop protein solutions for every nutritional need.

Our Heritage

Since 1993

Right from the start, our mission has been to create protein solutions designed to do exactly what they promise. For the last 25 years, we’ve focused on the essentials- naturally nutritious and effective ingredients that support healthy living, fitness, weight management and overall well-being

Being healthy and happy are two of the greatest gifts in life.  We’re lucky at Designer Protein that we have the opportunity to spend every day working on products that can make a real contribution to the lives of so many people. 

– Jan Hall, CEO

For 25 years I’ve been creating products I believe are helping people live healthier lives.  We’ve received letters thanking us for creating products that have changed their life – from weight loss to adding a 100 lbs on their squat. This keeps me excited about what I do. 

– Shawn Sherwood, VP of Research & Development