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Lauri Silnutzer | Monday, January 1st, 2018

 45% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution, and every year, the top resolution is to get fit and lose weight.  As most of us know from experience, making the resolution is easy.  It’s sticking to it that’s the tricky part, in fact, less than 10% manage it.  So what can we do to increase the chances of success and be the best of version of ourselves for more than just a couple of weeks?  Here are our top 10 tips that might make it a little easier:

  1. Reframe your goal.  Make it a lifestyle change.  Instead of saying “I want to lose weight this year,” make a resolution to eat a “clean” diet by increasing certain healthy foods, and reducing or eliminating the “bad” stuff.  Over time, you’ll see the weight coming off and your body will thank you for taking care of it.  You might discover you actually prefer eating healthier foods.  If that happens, you’ve hit the jackpot because there’s a much higher chance the changes will be sustainable.
  2. Make your goals measurable.  Quantified goals help you stay on track because you know when you’re on and when you’re off track.  “My target is to eat no less than 5 servings of fruits and veggies each day” is easier to practice and monitor than a more vague goal about eating a healthier diet.  The same is true of exercise.  “My goal is to walk 5 miles, or 10,000 steps each day.”  “My goal is to do 20 pushups at 3 intervals during the day.” These are more precise, and, therefore, more effective ways to stay on top of your goals.
  3. Commit to your goals and keep them visible.  Some people even go as far as signing and dating their goals so there is no way of forgetting or ignoring them.  Find a way of keeping your daily goals front and center in ways that work best for you. 
  4. Share what you’re doing with family and friends.  They may have ideas about how they can help you, or even better, they might want to join you, for example, as a workout buddy, because it helps them to meet their own goals.  The support of those around you could be the difference between sticking with your plan and giving up.
  5. Go social.  Post updates on your progress so that your friends in your social network know how things are going, both positive and negative.  When things are going well, your community will help you celebrate well-earned wins and be a source of inspiration.  When things aren’t going to plan, they will share their own stories and help to lift and motivate you to keep going strong.
  6. Clear the deck for success.  Said another way, remove sources of temptation that you know could become potential reasons for losing momentum.  An example is to remove high calorie comfort food from your refrigerator.  We all have our favorite “go-to” food like a friend we turn to on tough days.  If you can’t see or have that food, you’re less likely to be tempted.
  7. Plan ahead and prepare.  Put the framework in place to help you be successful.  Prepare meals for the week ahead and freeze portion packs that are quick and easy to grab at a moment’s notice.  All the thinking and most of the work are done so having to do the work doesn’t become a reason to choose a less healthy option.  Book some sessions at the gym, arrange to go for a run with a friend, commit to walking a neighbor’s dog – anything that is a pre-scheduled commitment that you’re accountable for which ultimately helps you to stick to your plan.
  8. Arrange regular rewards.  Who doesn’t like those moments when you take time out to do something you love because you know you deserve it?  Feeling good is a great motivator.  Feeling good because you just achieved one of your goals is an even bigger motivator.
  9. Know that there will be days when things don’t go to plan.  They will happen.  We’re all human.  Don’t beat yourself up.  It’s just one day.  Start over by recommitting the next day.  The key, is not to let it be the trigger for the following day, and the one after that …
  10. Every day, visualize success.  Your mind is an incredible force for positive and negative outcomes.  “I think therefore I am” is half the battle so keep thinking and imagining success.  Envisaging the end result of achieving your resolution is powerful.  Spending a few minutes every day in that frame of mind is powerful beyond belief.

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