Designer Whey® Native Whey Isolate
clinically proven breakthrough in whey protein science- superior BCAA muscle mass activator
Leucine Bioavailability - Protein Synthesis - Muscle Growth Potential
Unique native whey isolate process
Starts With the good stuff
Clean & Natural Source

Designer Whey® Native Whey Isolate is made with non-GMO, grass fed milk with no artificial growth hormones or artificial antibiotics, from carefully selected farms that follow the best farming practices

Preserves the good stuff
Cold Filtered

Designer Whey® Native Whey Isolate is micro-filtrated and ultra-filtrated at a very low temperature directly from pasteurized skim milk to preserve the most beneficial fractions of the milk. Unlike regular whey protein isolate, it is not exposed to additional pasteurization at high temperature which denatures protein and reduces the bioactive and natural nutrition properties of whey. Higher bioavailability of Native Whey provides better protein absorption

Keeps it clean
Avoids cheese-making process

Designer Whey® Native Whey Isolate is never exposed to the cheese-making process. Regular whey protein isolate is collected after the cheese-making process and typically contains cheese residues, chemical agents, glycomacropeptides, a byproduct of rennet, and other added ingredients

Available in 2 flavors: vanilla milkshake & chocolate milkshake