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Designer Protein | Thursday, April 6th, 2017

One of the most popular questions I hear about vegan cooking is “How do you afford to eat vegan?” I most always buy everything organic — at least whenever it’s possible for me to do so. This can get really expensive, however, here are a few tips to help save some money:


1. Coupons

Check websites and weekly store advertisements for deals and coupons.

2. Buy foods that are in season for your region

Buying foods that are out of season means they are usually shipped from other regions where they are in season, resulting in higher costs for the consumer.


3. Buy in bulk

Two of my most favorite stores to buy Organic Bulk Produce are and


4. Eat at home

With most of our busy schedules, it’s almost impossible to eat everything at home. However, you can save a lot of money dedicating a little bit more time in the kitchen. Consider making your own granola bars, trail mixes and other tasty snacks, instead of buying store-bought versions. I also like to do a bit of meal-prepping, dedicating an extra hour or two one night a week to prep meals for that work/school week. I’ll to make a large batch of quinoa and rice, separating it into single serving containers. Then all you have to do is cook up some extra veggies to add to it for the next day’s meal.


5. Eat more raw

Eating more raw will not only save you money, but it will save you a ton of time. (Plus, it’s much healthier!) Raw fruits and vegetables are a quick, easy and affordable way to get a good nutritious snack-on-the-go. Plus, if you have a Vitamix, you can make a smoothie in just seconds!


6. Consider Vegan Meal Replacements

Sometimes when I don’t have time to cook and an apple just won’t do the job, I’ll make a vegan protein shake. I love Designer Protein because of the excellent selection of plant-based vegan products.


Danielle Petz became vegan in 2015, beginning her journey into vegan cooking. She has a love for creating healthy vegan recipes, and has dedicated her Instagram @vegan_danielle to sharing her creations.