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Designer Protein

Designer Protein is a leader in high quality nutrition products

Our range includes proteins and superfoods designed for fitness, performance, weight management and overall wellness

100% whey

Found in dairy, whey is naturally complete with all the essential amino acids. It is one of the best sources of the 3 branched chain amino acids including Leucine, important for muscle development. It is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and utilized for muscle recovery, strength improvement and lean body composition.

dairy & plant blends

Often viewed as the best of both worlds, blends offer the quick absorption of a whey protein and the sustained benefits of a plant-based protein. They often contain proteins with specific benefits such as casein for muscle retention and appetite control, milk proteins for calcium, soy for heart health. Like their counterparts, blends provide all the essential amino acids.

Lite Protein

100% plant

Beneficial for those with dietary or lifestyle needs such as lactose intolerance, vegans and vegetarians. While typically lower in protein potency than whey and not complete on their own, plant proteins blended from more than one source contain all the essential amino acids and are relatively easily digested and environmentally sustainable.